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Five Charged In Cobby Murder
Thursday 26th June 1986:
Five Charged In Cobby Murder
    Five men have been charged with the abduction, rape and murder of 26-year-old nurse Anita Cobby on 2nd February. John Raymond Travers, 19, Michael James Murdoch, 18, and three brothers, Michael Patrick Murphy, 33 Garry Stephen Murphy, 28, and Leslie Murphy, 22, have all appeared in the City Court in Glebe.
found face down...
    Ms Cobby, a nursing sister at Sydney Hospital, disappeared on her way home to Blacktown on the night of February 2nd. Her body was found 2 days later face down in the mud, having been savagely beaten, and her throat was slashed three times, possibly by an axe. Both her shoulders and her fingers were broken.
    According to a statement tendered to the court today, Detective Seargent Kevin Raue of Homicide Squad said Leslie Murphy had admitted to being involved in the abduction of Ms Cobby with the other four men. According to the statement, Murphy said: 'We took her up a dead-end road near the drive-in at Blacktown. They pulled her gear off and we just took her down into the paddock.'
..admits their guilt
    All of them, except himself, had had intercourse with Ms Cobby, he had said..
   In another written statement tendered to the court, Detective Seargent Graham Rosetta of Blacktown police said that John Raymond Travers had confessed to the killing of Ms Cobby. According to Seargent Rosetta, on 24th February he woke Travers, who was sleeping in a police cell after being arrested for car theft, and asked who had killed Ms Cobby. 'I did' Travers replied. Travers later gave the names of the four other men involved. The five men have been remanded in custody and are expected to be committed for trial soon.
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