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Tuesday 24th June 1980:
Family Court Judge Assassinated
-A Family Court judge, Justice David Opas, died last night from abdominal wounds after being shot by an unknown assailant at his Sydney home at around 7.00pm. Police investigators believe the assassin was an aggrieved Family Court litigant seeking revenge over an adverse judgement made against him. more »
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Saturday 5th November 1994:
MP Crime Fighter Killed
-Australian politicians have expressed shock and disbelief at the fatal shooting of NSW Labor MP John Newman outside his home on Monday night. Four shots were fired by an unknown assailant who escaped in a car. Ms Lucy Wang, the fiance of Mr Newman, has pleaded for anyone witgh information about the shooting to come forward and tell police. more »
Monday 13th September 1960:
Secrets At The Maltese Club
-A body found in a room nailed up from the inside created a major stir some time ago.
    The dead man was Sam Borg, sixty-seven, a Maltese cafe owner on whose premises, it was found later, some form of illegal gambling had been conducted. At any rate, fair sums of money were floating about the place. more »
Thursday 25th April 1935:
The Arm In The Shark Case
-On Anzac Day in 1935, eight days after it had been captured, a 4.3 metre tiger shark in the Coogee Aquarium began a series of violent writhings. The shark disgorged a foul mess from its stomach that turned the heads of onlookers -- floating to the surface came a human arm, well-preserved and with a length of rope attached to the wrist. more »
Friday 17th September 1880:
The Bermagui Disappearances
The small settlement of Bermagui, on the Southern New South Wales coast, was alive with the news of gold discoveries. A flood of miners poured into the area, stretching resources to breaking point. In response to a telegram expressing concern from the area's local officials the Mines Department in Sydney sent two of its representatives to inspect the crowded conditions of Bermagui: the young geologist Lamont Young and his Austrian-born assistant Karl Schneider.
Early on the morning of 9th October, a Sturday, the two visited the diggings. They were joined there by Senior Constable Berry, who conducted them through the area. more »
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