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Thursday 22nd April 1976:
Armed Robbery Nets $1.4m
-Six armed bandits with sub-machine guns burst into the Victorian Club in Melbourne yesterday and escaped with almost $1.4 million in Australia's biggest armed robbery to date. As bookmakers were about to settle bets from the Easter race meetings with cash proceeds delivered by Mayne Nickless security guards at about midday on Wednesday, the six hooded gunmen burst in and pointed their guns at the bookmakers and patrons of the club. more »

Friday 15th May 1914:
Squizzy Taylor; Melbourne's Master Criminal
-By 1915 it became apparent just how much 'muscle' Squizzy Taylor was developing. It is thought that he was the man behind the robbery at the Melbourne Trades Hall building in 1915 which resulted in the murder of a police officer - and later a startling court case. more »

Monday 14th October 1940:
A 'Shocking' Crime
-Not far from the Gosford Boys Home in New South Wales railway workers set up a line of copper wire. Within a few hours a length of 2,000 yards of the wire was cut down and carted away. The ground below where the cable had run was scorched, suggesting the theives had narrowly escaped electrocution. It seems the copper line, which had not been activated, had fallen on a live line when cut; this caused a short-circuit and electrified the coppr line. The theives escaped with the wire, valued at £90, no doubt shaken by their brief flirtation with death.

Saturday 14th August 1830:
Attempt at Robbery.
-On Tuesday afternoon, as a Mr. Worthington was passing the eight mile stone on the Parramatta road, his attention was suddenly arrested by a noise on his left, and had scarcely turned round to ascertain the cause, when, he wad seized by two fellows, who without further ceremony, commenced rifling his pockets. Not relishing this assistance, Mr. W. stoutly opposed them, and succeeded in defeating both of his dastardly opponents. They then made off, leaving their intended victim too much exhausted by his exertions to pursue them.
Wednesday 11th December 1878:
Kelly Gang Strikes Again
-A daring daylight robbery yesterday has netted the Kelly Gang £2,000 after they bailed up the National Bank at Euroa in Victoria. The crime has outraged members of government, who this morning increased the reward to £1,000 on each head and posted military police on all banks in the north-eastern district. more »

Wednesday 19th November 1879:
Three Shot Dead In Moonlite Raid
-Three hundred people in the Wagga district gathered to watch the shoot-out between Captain Moonlite's gang and police on Monday evening, in which two bushrangers and one policeman were killed.
   Six men, including Moonlite, had raided the Oura Hotel and then Wantabadgery Station on Saturday night, taking the residents hostage. more »
Sunday 22nd November 1978:
The Magnetic Drill Gang
-Striking quietly and precisely this job was carried out at the Bank of New South Wales branch in Murwillumbah, on the New South Wales far north coast. At the time it was the biggest bank robbery in Australian history raking in more than 1.7million dollars -- and, it has never been recovered! more »

Tuesday 29th May 1951:
Chow Haynes
-In 1948, with an already lengthy record at the age of thirty-four, he was arrested for the robbery and assault of George and Joyce Great. With five other men, Chow burst into the Surry Hills home and sat down to food and drink. They abused and assaulted the Greats before throwing them out into the street. After ransacking the house the gang left. more »
Saturday 3rd February 1894:
Police Hurt In Violent Robbery
    A violent thief is still on the run after a daring robbery in Bridge Street early yesterday morning.
    Five police were hurt in a savage brawl with three robbers who raided the offices of the Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand around 2.00am. Two of the thieves were apprehended by police after a desperate chase through the city streets. The third burglar escaped and is still at large.
    Senior constable McCourt and Constable Lyons are recovering from serious wounds inflicted jemmy blows to the limbs and head. Constables Bowden, Alford and Taylor all suffered severe head wounds. All five were rushed to Sydney Hospital and received emergency medical care.
    Constable McCracken, who survived the incident unhurt, said he believes the two intended to kill his colleagues. 'They meant death. they meant to kill anyone who interfered with them. There's no doubt about that. It was a desperate affair,' McCracken said.
    'I thought it was a drunken row at first until I recognised Senior Constable Ball's voice crying out: "Murder, police!" Then I thought it was serious, and I was sure of it when I got the clip with the jemmy. After that I got to business.'
    Constable McCracken arrested one of the robbers with the help of Constable Daniels who had rushed to his aid from the Water Police Station. The robber was brought to the chargeroom after a violent and protracted struggle, the constables said.
    For many police, the violent incident has highlighted the need to carry revolvers while on duty. Several police officers involved in the scuffle have admitted they would have used guns to defend themselves had they been given the opportunity.
    Two of the three offenders appeared before Mr Justice Delohery in the Water police court yesterday. The robberies were named as New Zealander Charles Mongomery, 30, of no occupation and Thomas Williams, 21, a labourer of Victoria. It appears the names given by the pair were aliases--Their real names being Thomas Milage and Thomas Carroll.
They were both charged with breaking and entering the Union Steamship offices as well as one count each of intent to murder.
Police were granted remand of the pair who were transferred to Darlinghurst Gaol.
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