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Neddy Tells Of Corrupt Cops
Tuesday 17th November 1992:
Neddy Smith Informs On Corrupt Cops
    The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) yesterday heard startling allegations of police corruption including claims that officers were directly involved in staging armed robberies. Commissioner Ian Temby has been told the commission will hear evidence in support of the claims which were made by Arthur 'Neddy' Smith, a convicted murderer and rapist currently serving a prison sentence, and criminal associate of Graeme 'Abo' Henry.
    The most sensational allegations include claims by Smith and Henry that Armed Hold Up Squad detectives assisted a group led by themselves to conduct a series of robberies throughout the 1980s, netting millions of dollars. Mr Barry Toomey, QC, counsel assisting the ICAC inquiry into police practices, told the ICAC that in some cases police officers allegedly provided the plans and details of alarm systems of targeted premises, and information on the response time of local police.
    Mr Toomey told the Commission that corroboration would come from inference rather than direct facts. He said that it was, for example, 'of striking significance that that series of robberies was commited without any arrest or any alleged perpetrator for some years.' Mr Toomey also told the inquiry that former detective Mr Roger Rogerson 'looms large in this investigation as he has done in examinations of corruption in the NSW police force throughtout the decade.'
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