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Captain Moonlite's Gang
Thursday 22nd April 1976:
Three Shot Dead In Moonlite Raid
    Three hundred people in the Wagga district gathered to watch the shoot-out between Captain Moonlite's gang and police on Monday evening, in which two bushrangers and one policeman were killed.
   Six men, including Moonlite, had raided the Oura Hotel and then Wantabadgery Station on Saturday night, taking the residents hostage.
    Captain Moonlite's accomplices were Thomas Rogan, 23, James Nesbitt, 20, Graham Bennet, 20, Thomas Williams, 19, and Augustus Wernicke, just 15.
   By Monday they held 52 people. A passerby who heard the story rode to Wagga to inform the police. Four local constables tried to surprise the gang at 4 o'clock that morning, however they failed and were forced to wait for reinforcements.
   By the time the additional police arrived the bushrangers had fled.
   The police took chase at midday on Monday and caught up with them not far from the stationConstable Bowen shot one dead and the five remaining took over the hut of a selector called McGlebe. Wernicke was hit next and cried 'Oh God I am shot and i'm only 15!'
   The shooting lasted for half-an-hour and another bushranger was hit before Moonlite surrendered, Two of the bushrangers were dead, one injured. One escaped and two surrendered. Constable Bowen was shot in the neck and died shortly afterwards.
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