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Gangs Terrorise Sydney
Tuesday 17th November 1992:
Gangs Terrorise Sydney
    Organised gangs of ruffians are roaming the streets terrorising Sydney-siders by day and night. Larrikinism is rampant in the city and many residents say they now fear for their lives. The trouble has reached such a scale that several Aldermen have appealed to the Mayor, Mr W. P. Manning to call a public meeting to consider what can be done about the alarming trend.
    Public concern over the problem has been fuelled by a brutal attack on a man last Sunday morning at Miller's Point. The attackers said to be members of the Miller's Point Push, assaulted 37-year-old Thomas Pert in broad daylight.
    The gang leapt upon Mr Pert, savagely kicking and beating him as he walked across a small square around 10:00am. The gang continued the assault even as the victim's brother was dragging him to safety into a nearby house. Mr Pert died before medical help could arrive. Eight men have been arrested in connection with the murder.
    The official petition to the Mayor stated that the time for drastic action has arrived.
    'In view of the attrocities which have recently been perpetrated ... we do not think it necessary to advance arguments in detail. That many inoffensive citizens have been brutally assaulted, and several even slain in the streets ... and that witnesses of such occurances are intimidated to the subversion of the course of justice are facts we think sufficient to warrant us in asking you to call the citizens together with a view of taking some concertive action.'
    The Aldermen said the crime wave was having serious effects on Sydney's reputation for an 'orderly and law abiding community.'
    The Mayor said he would call such a meeting on the condition that public comments did nor prejudice the fair trial of the eight men awaiting trial over the Miller's Point incident.
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